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Bilum Mamma

This performance by Papuan-Australian operatic soprano Heru Pinkasova weaves the threads of Papuan stories together through song, creating her unique Bilum. The textures and colours informed by and informing the songs of her life, exploring traditional Papuan chants, folk songs, PNG Top 40, and how their beats thrum through contemporary music. Join this Bilum Mamma as she gives, takes and holds a unique history, one ready to be carried by those after her. This cross-cultural production incorporates opera, new music, and animation weaving a story representing contemporary Queensland communities of many heritages.

Concept by Heru Pinkasova & Little Match   
Performer & Writer Heru Pinkasova  
Performer Waveney Yasso 
Director Lisa Fa'alafi  
Bilum Artists Ranu James, Katrina Sonter, and Maryann Talia Pau 
Designer / Animator / Creative Producer Penny Challen  
Music Director & Creative Producer Alicia Cush  
Technical Director Nathaniel Knight 
Bilum Stories Creative / Curator Moale James 
Animator D'mitri Cossar 
Textile Consultant Dr Maria Wronksa-Friend

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Visist Bilum Stories by Moale James

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